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About Me

A little about me, Allie.

I am a perfect mix of wild, witty and wonderful. Having started in the Hospitality industry at the cute age of 15; I have definitely worked every position from bartender to dishwasher to waitress and now to owner. I was serious about becoming a business owner early on in my career endeavors. Every new venture I took on was to build my experience, grow my mind and challenge what I thought I knew. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, I went onto conquer a Master's of Business Administration from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. I have stretched my experience across many years working in food & beverage; from spearheading the franchise development of some of the largest fast casual chain restaurants in the world, to putting huge smiles on the faces of our Armed Forces by way of a lunch-at-work program, to shadowing a wine-maker (in my “spare” time) and most recently working as the Enterprise Food & Drink Director for Groupon. I have certainly seen, heard, tasted and drank it all ;) Now, I am ready to share those experiences with YOU!